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San Jose Indoor Pro Short Track 2017
April 8th, 2017 

11th Annual Pro Short Track


8th Annual San Jose Indoor 2014

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7th Annual San Jose Indoor

April 6th 2013

Promoted by P&D Promotions

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds


P&D Promotions, Pete and Diane Francini, and their crew have outdone themselves once again with their promotion of another outstanding indoor event.  The 7th Annual San Jose Indoor short track proved to be their best yet.  The weather was perfect, not too warm, no rain and not too cold with the doors open and exhaust fans in them to ventilate the arena.  Competition was outstanding on the track with off the hook racing throughout the evening.   The stands were full of enthusiastic fans cheering on their favorite riders.  Storage Wars, Barry Weis, was also in the crowd to cheer the riders on.

Friday�s practice, held the day before race day each year, provides the riders the opportunity get their bike suspension set up straightened out.  It also puts the first layer of rubber down to create the tacky fast racing surface for Saturday night�s main event.   In the �old days� of the 60�s coca cola syrup was used to get the tackiness needed.

Seven classes and a dash for cash included 95 entries all competing for the top spots.  The progressive program includes time trials, heat races, semis and main events in each class.  Kennedy Trucking, Jerry Kennedy, and the fans provided the dash for cash award of more than $1100.  During breaks between races items were tossed into the crowd thanks to OSH, Perri  Turner,  Avon Products, Motion Pro, Alpine stars, Cycle Gear and many others.  Thanks to our advertisers that included our program cover and full page sponsors Motor Caf� of Sunnyvale, Roadrider Accessories of San Jose, Steven�s Creek Toyota of San Jose, and Circle Bell Racing, promoters of both the Sacramento and Santa Rosa miles, we were able to provide a program purse of over $5,000 for the winning riders.

Tony Alves claimed his 6th consecutive victory in the 150-230 Pro class after getting the hole shot and leading the 6 rider pack from pole to pole.  John Self and Rodney Spencer Jr. followed him also riding in the second and third positions pole to pole.  At age 70 Nick Theroux led the 150-230 amateur class to the checkers in front of Kerry Pucio and Scott Whittaker.

Chris Rudy aboard his Harley Davidson Sprint won the brakeless class heat race but his one and only competitor Richard Luhdorff got the lead off the line and maintained that lead through all twelve laps of the main.  Rudy pushed him from the rear on his back wheel and coming along beside him several times throughout the race but ultimately Rudy slid out and was unable to make the pass.

Five heats of riders competed for placement in the Vintage Class main event.  Following a single file restart after a 3rd lap crash Dana Perri remained the front runner to the finish.  The nine riders behind him gave the crowd a show as they competed for position throughout this twelve lap main.

Six riders formed the Run What You Brung class.  It was Lee Yetter that got to the first turn first where he remained through lap eight.  In lap nine Anthony Torres was able to get around Yetter to take the pack to the checkers.  Behind them Danny Delmenico was battling corner to corner with Theroux for the third spot trading positions in the second lap Delmenico took the third position on the podium.  Torres was noticeably the happiest rider of night with his victory.

The dash for cash consisted of the top four pro riders from time trials.  Jared Mees, Stevie Bonsey, Dominic Colindres and Kayl Kolkman.  At the green light Bonsey got the jump with Mees rubbing him corner to corner. Colindres and Kolkman followed while Mees tried every trick to get around Bonsey.  Bonsey held Mees off in a rub and bump competition to the finish.


Greg Ferguson was first off the start line in the Legends A main but it took only one lap for Robert McDonnell to get under him to take the lead to victory.  Bar banging Larry Silva was working his way and the other riders to gain position but ended up in a tangle with Brad Spencer knocking them both into the last places on the track. They both managed to gain a couple of places by the checkers.

Good friends on and off the track Steven Sandman and David Nicholson finished the Legends B main first and second respectively.  Sandman go the hole shot with Roy Taboda working to get around him.  They battled through lap 7 when Taboda slid out give the second spot to Nicholson followed by Perri Turner.



Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
6th Annual San Jose Indoor Short Track
P&D Promotions
Banging Bars in the cage

By: Karen Gould - Checkeredflagphotos.com

March 31, 2012

The 6th Annual San Jose Indoor was an event to remember. The house was packed to standing room only for this show. With the pits indoors the spectators could get a pit pass to talk to the riders and enjoy the day without the threat of rain that was looming outside. The track remains the same as it was in the 60�s a bullring short track inside a chain link cage/fence with bleachers all the way around.

Proud to list our sponsors, Motion Pro who provided shirts to our infield workers, Moto Caf� that provided the generator for the start light, Faultline Power Sports for the die cast models that were auctioned for money for the dash for cash, Frank Nye/Engines Only for sponsoring the 150/230 class payout and San Jose Harley Davidson and Jerry Kennedy/Kennedy Trucking for sponsoring the dash for cash, Bob Bellino/Circle Bell Racing, Honda Kawasaki of Modesto and all of those that put ads in our program and provided throw outs for the crowd. And last but not least to the P&D family of workers that worked together to make this a smooth and fun event. THANK YOU to ALL!

The event started Friday afternoon with a practice to put some rubber down on the concrete for Saturday�s racing. Following the practice the riders and spectators enjoyed an old fashioned catered race Bar B Q complete with hot dogs, tri tip, salads and the best bench racing ever � Oh the stories and memories that were shared�.

As is usual the dash for cash was the first main event on the track. Six riders, the winners of each of the pro heat races competed for $1,000 cash. Dominic Colindres made a name for himself winning the cash when he was able to withstand four good moves from Jared Mees trying to move him over. Mees was later bumped himself and finished third behind Jethro Halbert.

Saturday�s racing included a brakeless class for the first time, that was a battle between Chris Rudy, Joe Simas and Richard Luhdorff. At the end of ten laps Rudy was in front at the checkers after capturing the lead from Luhdorff in lap seven. Luhdorff and Simas followed.

Young and upcoming Andrew Luker showed the rest of the Juniors the fast way around this little polished concrete track leading his class all ten laps to victories in both the heat and main events. Bronson Bauman and Chris Corbari finished the main second and third respectively. We will see more of these fast youngsters in years to come.

Brothers Robert and Larry Silva each sharing a heat race victory, came off the start line side by side in the Legends A main. After a single file restart lap Robert Bacosa had gotten past two others to take the second spot and in lap five Don Baily had moved up from his second to last position to third. Robert Silva, a multi-time winner of the Legends class was proud to finish first again.

John Larson, after winning his heat race, held off Perri Turner and Harold Raggio in the Legends B main event. Larson rode all ten laps in the front of this six rider pack.

Sixteen riders rode the vintage class four heat races competing for a spot in the ten rider main event. The first two from each heat race and the winner of each of two semis earned their spots. Robert Silva got the hole shot at the green light but Baily had taken the lead by the end of lap one with Larry Silva following on is back wheel. After a single file resart Robert Bacosa was working his way through the pack to take the lead from Baily in lap six. Behind him Robert Silva was battling back to the front. Meanwhile Roy Taboda was working hard to claim the third position from Larry Silva. The race finished Bacosa, Robert Silva, Taboda and Robert McDonnell who had come through the pack from the back for fourth. Past winners are 2007 Paul Herman, 2008 Tony Alves, 2009 Rod Spencer, 2010 Robert Silva, and 2011 Dana Perri.

Four heats of four riders competed for the 150/230 ten rider main event. By far the roughest race of the night it was bar banging, pushing and taking each other out from start to finish. Tony Alves missed all the excitement riding all ten laps in the lead with Chris Canepa behind him for eight of those laps. Kerry Puccio was taken out in lap three and the race was called after Canepa who had been bumped lost control of his bike taking himself, Anthony De Mario, the start light and some of the track workers out in lap ten. Brooke Shaw got around Canepa just prior finishing second behind Alves. Alves has been the winner 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and now 2012.

Twenty three riders were vying for a place in the Open Pro ten rider main event with the chance to win $2,000 or $1350 for second. The winners of six heat races and four semis made the class. With that much money on the line last year�s winner Jared Mees was looking for another victory. The competition was stiff with GNC riders Kayle Kolkman, Mikey Rush, Jethro Halbert, Chad Cose and the dash for cash winner Colindres riding this class. The light went green and it was Halbert, Mees and Briar Bauman into turn one. Second lap Kolkman and Rush had gotten by Bauman and Mees and it was Halbert and Kolkman wheel to wheel with Rush on the back end. Halbert gained some ground putting a bike length between himself and Kolkman, Mees was on Rush and a crash and single file restart on lap five. With fifteen laps to finish Halbert maintained his lead and Kolkman stayed on him. Rush worked hard to maintain the third position, Mees was pushed out in lap eight allowing Cose to get by him for the fourth position. The race finished Halbert, Kolkman, Rush, Cose and Colindres. Halbert was the winner of the first annual in 2007 followed by Jimmy Wood in 2008, Mees in 2009, Jake Johnson in 2010 and Mees again in 2011.

The 7th Annual San Jose Indoor will be held next year on the last weekend in March in conjunction with the Britsh Bike Show. Hope we see many of you there and thank you again for your support!!

2012 230 Main Jr   Main Legends A Main
1 16Y Tony Alves 1 11 Andrew Lucker 1 24s Robert Silva
2 110L Brooke Shaw 2 38 Bronson Bauman 2 58 Robert Bacosa
3 38 Chris Canepa 3 70 Chris Corbari 3 98R Don Baily
4 8 Scott Alves 4 32 Evan Anders 4 7s Larry Silva
5 53R Randy Freeman 5 51 Casey Cahoon 5 27 Roy Taboada
6 22Y John Self Brakeless 6 53r Randy Freeman
7 12 Anthony DeMario 1 87Y Chris Rudy 7 64Y Nick Theroux
8 32 Blair Newell 2 84U Richard Luhdorff 8 98Q Joe Simas
9 60 Johnny Gardner 3 98Q Joe Simas 9
10 17S Kerry Puccio 4 58Q Stu Cardott 10
Legends B Main Vintage Main Pro Main
1 91W John Larson 1 58 Robert Bacosa 1 69 Jethro Halbert
2 44C Perri Turner 2 24s Robert Silva 2 37 Kayle Kolkman
3 69H Harold Raggio 3 27 Roy Taboada 3 54 Mike Rush
4 31Z Dennis Cameron 4 14 Robert McDonnell 4 73 Chad Cose
5 31M Larry Greene 5 88 Michael Misbach 5 66Y Dominic Colindres
6 36Y Tim Hlebo 6 87y Chris Rudy 6 9 Jared Mees
7 7 37 Jeff Rankin 7 51z Shawn Raggio
8 8 7S Larry Silva 8 10Z Briar Bauman
9 9 30n Perry Smith 9 14 Jess Garcia
10 10 98R Don Baily 10 38 Chris Canepa

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Photos from 2009 by Karen Gould at Checkered Flag Photography. http://www.checkeredflagphotos.com/id9.html

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